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5 Things to Avoid When Creating your Online Course

Adults learn differently than children. For that reason there are things you should avoid when you create your course. Download this free guide to optimize your course and get rave reviews and repeat business from your learners.

What We Do

We help small business owners and entrepreneurs cut through the overwhelm of tech and instructional design to create online courses that advance and scale their business so they can leverage their time better and serve more clients.
We offer do-it-yourself, done-for-you and customized programs that meet your needs.


If you prefer to do it yourself, enroll in our Course Creation Lab that teaches you everything you need to DO to create your online course. 



Hybrid Services

I can coach you, I can teach you, I can do it for you, or, we can create a combination of any or all of the above.  Creating your own course but want the support of someone with experience?


Sometimes you just don’t have time or the inclination to learn something new and then apply that knowledge to create the product that you want.  We work with you as the Subject Matter Expert (SME) to create your course and deliver it ready to launch. 


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My Courses, Tools, & Resources

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“If you are looking for someone to help you with business development and training in creating e-learning courses, branding, sales, or apps such as Word, Excel, and Power Point then look no further! Jo-Anne Newby is AMAZING! She can also create fantastic animated promos. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

Mona Giordano, Social Media 101 Coach for Baby Boomers & Gen X

My Story

Hi,  I’m Jo-Anne!

Welcome ! I love learning. Some would probably call me a bit addicted to it.  I actually joked with my Mom the other day that my brain would probably like me to give it a break for a bit. But it’s not only about learning, it’s about action.  Learning is just knowledge unless you doing something with it.

I’ve been in training and development for over 23 years and I love what I do.  Helping others learn new things and succeed in new ways is my passion and I am so excited that I am able to do it on a larger scale.

You see, not long ago I was creating and delivering learning content for other people as my sole focus.  I love doing that but I was frustrated knowing that I could only serve one client at a time.  My dream is to serve thousands, not just a handful. and so a new division of my company was born. I am excited to share with you what it took me many years and a lot of money to learn.

I’m so glad you’re here. I look forward to getting to know you, and helping you take action to create a profitable lifestyle business and stop trading your time for money.


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